How to Stay Sane with a Busy Schedule

Honestly, I don’t know that I accomplish this well every week. I do know that many people are in the same boat. So many of my wellness coaching clients come to me wanting to solve this issue in their own lives. If you can’t cut things out of your life, then what can you do to keep yourself from going bonkers when your schedule is booked solid from morning until night?

To give you an idea (and yes, I realize my schedule is clearly overbooked and I’m just putting the commuting, walking the pup, etc in there to give you an idea of my actual spare time), this is my schedule. I don’t have the meal preparation, cleaning, errands, extra Finn walks, etc in there, but that also happens during the week.


Things you can do:

1.) Schedule You Time. I have little 15 minutes blocks scheduled that alert me on my phone to take a break. Yes, I have been known to ignore them in the past, but I don’t do that anymore after re-evaluating my stress level lately. Schedule 15 minutes here and there and then a longer break on days where you can find the time.

2.) Keep Up a Fitness Routine. Because I’m training, running can go from feeling like stress relief to another thing on the to-do list. I make sure to remind myself that this is also “me time”, socializing time, de-stress time, AND it’s certainly NOT a waste of time.

3.) Plan Ahead. I go as far as setting my work clothes and running clothes out for the week so I don’t even have to think about it in the morning. I throw my running clothes and shoes in a bag, put on my work clothes, and grab my prepacked work bag. These small steps make my life noticeably easier in the mornings.

4.) Meal Plan/Prep. I get made fun of for this sometimes, but if I don’t plan my meals and prep them ahead, my work week is that much more stressful. By meal prep/plan, I mean I have my snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and as much as I can prep dinner in advance. If I don’t do this, that means I’m sometimes skipping meals (can you say HANGRY?) and not able to get through my runs or work day well. Trust me, just jump on this band wagon if you’re busy. The couple hours over the weekend doing this is so worth it.

5.) Take a Mental Health Day. Seriously, if you can do this. It can do wonders and I’m guilty of rarely ever doing this, but it’s very important to take some time for you. When your feeling physical symptoms of stress on a daily basis, that’s a sure sign you need a break.

6.) Cut Unnecessary Items. Do you really need to do all the things you have listed? Can you delegate and take some of it off your plate? For example, this past weekend, my wonderful partner offered to go to the grocery store and clean up the kitchen so I could focus on my mountains of work.

7.) Re-evaluate. If life is continuously too overwhelming, it’s time to re-evaluate. If that commute time is too long, then speak with your job about a more flexible schedule and/or considering either moving closer to work or finding a job closer to home. Really take a close look at your schedule, think about the reasons why you’re feeling very stressed and overwhelm, then go from there.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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