Should You Run Through a Cold?


Homemade orange, carrot, lemon juice to knock this cold out. 

Part of training for races or even just having a fitness plan is sticking with the plan, but also accepting and being open to changes in the plan. This week has already been a bit of a bust with running as my Sunday run just couldn’t happen. I came down with a nasty head cold on Saturday and any weekend running was just out of the picture. I rescheduled Sunday’s run for Tuesday, tonight’s run will likely be Friday or just taken out of the calendar completely, and hopefully then I will be back on track ASAP!


I generally run through colds if I don’t have a fever or if it’s not in my chest. This weekend unfortunately, I was barely moving off the couch so I made an executive decision that running would harm my training rather than do any good. A hard lesson learned for me over the years is – it’s always good to figure out if the miles you’re going to run will be beneficial or if they’ll just be junk miles. Pushing yourself to run can be good especially if the lack of motivation is mental, from slight fatigue, or a slight cold. However, if you’re really sick and exhausted, running or pushing yourself through a tough workout could make you much worse.

This week marks the first week of training (ha! – off to a good start with the first two days out of commission)- I’ve just been maintaining/building mileage up until this point, however, now I will start increasing mileage and adding tougher workouts. It’s crazy that it’s time to train again – this winter flew by pretty quickly!

For reference, if you’re paying attention to my training plans – I’m running half marathons through May and then a half ultra in June. Likely July and August will be for recovering and then maybe a couple more races in the fall.


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